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    Online Back-Up Icon


      How can I get rid of a McAfee Online Back-Up Icon on my Taskbar WITHOUT my McAfee Security System telling me that Online Back-Up needs attention. Which is how I ended up with this icon in the first place. Also, how do I get rid of Online Back-Up altogether ?

      One more thing, the Online Back-Up Icon looks like two lightning bolts, one facing up the other facing down, is this normal ? It's not an 'M' as in McAfee.

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          Hi Robert,

          Could you please let us know if you have the Online abclk up feature inbuilt your McAfee Total protection/Internet security suite ? Or is that the standalone McAfee Online back up (Unlimited versions)


          Moreover, Online back up is a good feature that would help you to securely take a backup of your data online , Is there any specific reason to uninstall them, rather if its because of any issue please let us know so that we could help you in getting the same fixed !!!

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            My Online Back-Up is built in to my McAfee Security System (Total Protection). My Security System has never told me before that my Online Back-Up needed attention. That's the only reason I clicked it. Now I have this folder which I won't use. I want rid of it.

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              Hi Robert,

              To uninstall the integrated version, you must uninstall your McAfee suite, uninstall Online Backup, then reinstall using the custom installation option.


              1. Click Start, Settings, and select Control Panel (Windows Vista/7 users click the Windows Orb and select Control Panel).
              2. Double-click Add or Remove Programs (Windows Vista/7 users double-click Programs and Features).
              3. Select your McAfee suite and click Remove or Uninstall/Change.
              4. Follow all prompts to uninstall your McAfee Security Suite.
              5. Restart your computer.


              Login back to your McAfee account from http://us.mcafee.com/root/login.asp and reinstall the suite excluding Online backup option.

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                I understand the procedure I would have to go through in order to uninstall Online Back-Up but what I'm on about is this; why didn't I need to install the Online Back-Up when I first installed my McAfee Security System ? I didn't have this icon on my taskbar before.

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                  The Online backup feature as you know is embedded to your security package Total protection so eventually gets installed to your machine when you install the security package . And , if its not properly configured or activated that's when you will be getting a flashing icon on your task bar intimating you that you have a feature that has not completed its activation part.


                  Hence , you can get rid of the pop up (for mobk)either by completing the activation wizard or if you dont need the feature you need to uninstall it.

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                    OK thanks for the info. My computer does seem to be working fine at the moment. Fingers crossed. I will 'favourite' this page just in case.

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                      Sure, All the best

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                        I believe that the "lightning bolts" icon referred to by RoberttheBruce is actually a prompt to configure Online Backup.  On my PC, this icon was continuously blinking.


                        To eliminate the icon from the task bar at the bottom of your screen, go to C:\Program Files\McAfeeMOBK and delete the shortcut: McAfee Online Backup Configuration.


                        I'm a current McAfee user who didn't wish to use the Online Backup feature.  Unfortunately, I inadvertently triggered this blinking icon.  Rather than attempt the problematic uninstall/reinstall process or spend lots of quality time with McAfee techs, I simply deleted the irritating icon.  It worked.  No more blinking icon when I boot my PC.


                        PS:  I later came across McAfee's instructions for deactivating the icon:  http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?lc=1033&id=TS100776.


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                          To Windows Seven users:


                          If your computer have the McAfee Online Backup Registration try icon blinking and if you no enter your licence option, you can remove this icon using the following steps.



                          Go to windows start -> type the text and enter: msconfig -> go to startup page -> search the text on the command column: WrapperTrayIcon.exe - > uncheck this option -> Click ok to finish. -> restart your computer and the try icon will be removed your computer.



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