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    VSE 8.8 - incorrect events for On Demand Scan

      VSE 8.7 generated an event 1202, "On-demand scan started" when a scheduled ODS started and an event 1203, "On Demand scan complete" when a scheduled ODS finished.  I have installed VSE 8.8 on two Win XP Pro SP3 32-bit systems.  When a scheduled ODS runs on these systems, all I am getting is an event 1203, "On Demand scan complete" when the ODS starts, and nothing when it finishes.  If I start an ODS manually from the VSE console (using the Full Scan task), the same thing occurs.


      Actually, it seems like the event isn't sent to ePO until the scan finishes, but the timestamp is from when the scan started.


      Is anyone else seeing this?