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    error in userinit.exe post install of VSE 8.8


      Following release of Virusscan 8.8, we've installed it to two PCs for testing.

      At the same time the agent was updated to 4.5.


      Both PCs run XP, both were previously running agent 4.0 (not sure on SP), and VirusScan 8.7 with patch 3.


      One of the test systems (a desktop) is fine, the other (a laptop), is generating pop-up errors reporting an Application Error in userinit.exe (see attached for detail)As its early days on the product, i'd not be surprised if no-one has come across this, so will also log with McAfee support directly, but thought i would raise the issue here just in case.







      Message was edited by: mattw2 I should add, i've checked the product logs for VirusScan and the main Agent log and neither have any notable actions/entries at the time the userinit.exe errors occurred.  on 25/01/11 10:31:23 CST