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    Installation Incomplete

      Mcafee Total Protection 2011:


      Installation Incomplete.


      We couldn't install any of the security features included with your software. To fix this, you can:


      I have Mcfee Total Protection 2010 in my computer. When I try to download Mcfee Total Protection 2011 using Mcafee.com, I am receiving the above error.


      I contacted Support but no luck. I am always receiving the same error.


      Please help.

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          Hi there,

          Please follow the steps below and retry the installation;

          Open Internet explorer - Click on Tools - Then Click windows update - Install the important Updates from Windows (If any)
          Click on start - Click Run - type - appwiz.cpl , (now you will be in the installed programs list). Make sure that you are not running any other security software in the computer that might interrupt the installation. Make use of this
          document to find out different security applications.

          Run the McAfee removal tool from here and restart the computer. - This will help us remove McAfee traces from the machine

          After its restarted, run the Mcprenstall tool from here  and retry installation



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            Thank you.


            To resolve the issue, I formatted the Notebook with Windows 7 and try to install again with Mcafee Total Protection 2011 through Mcfee online version.

            Again, I got the same Installation Incomplete message.


            I dont know what to do now. I am left with no option.


            Please help.

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              Hi Ravi,

              Please click on Useful links at the top of this page and then click on Technical support and get in touch with our support technicians , they will help you get it fixed.


              Post that , click on my Avatar image and send me a private message with your service number from Tech support, so that I could get that along .