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    VSE 8.7 is hanging cluster resources(Oracle)


      When a start VSE 8.7, the cluster resources are stop to work.

      I did the Oracle, Cluster and Websphere exclusion, and I tested to exclusion all local drivers
      from the clusters nodes, and for my surprise the problem persit.


      The simple fact to start the mcshield is stopping the cluster resources. Any ideia ?


      VSE 8.7 P4
      Oracle 10 (clustered MS)
      Websphere App 6.1

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          Did this just start happening on 1/24?


          We started to have disk resources go offline on a Server 2008 failover cluster on 1/24 at about 1pm EST.  We are using 8.7i patch 2.  I have since disabled 8.7i to see if the behavior persists.  There had been no change in policy configuration in our setup -- the only change would have been updated DATs.


          VirusScan Enterprise  Product Version 
          Hotfix/Patch Version  2 
          DAT Version  6236.0000 
          Engine Version  5400.1158 
          Engine (x64) Version  5400.1158