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    checking in EEPC hotfix to EPO

      I am trying to check in a hotfix (SDAT) for EEPC to my EPO 4.5.  I am not having an issue at this point, just a question.  I get to the second screen (package options) and on here is a checkbox for 'Options'.  By default "Add this package to the global update list' is checked and if I check help on that, it says the package will be added and "a Super Agent call will occur, forcing the package to be installed on all the managed systems."


      Now, I here is where I need some clarity.  I was under the impression I could import my hotfix, then create a Product Update task to deploy it to the computers of my choice. I don't want it to automatically go out to all machines after I check it in, which from what the help says, will happen.


      Let me know what I am misunderstanding here.  Thanks.





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          Yes- I'm wondering the same thing.

          I've never had the need to deploy an sdat before.

          In epo 3.6.1 there was an sdat check box in the product update list- that way you could target specific groups/ machines.


          Can someone please explain how this deploys. I don't have global updating enbaled and so wondered if the deployment is via the dat product update.



          OK- I created a clone of my server and installed it. It creates a new check box saying:

          Endpoint Encryption HotFix1


          That way you can customise your deployment to target machines/groups etc







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