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    Mail Volume Trends


      We have seen, over the last six months, a downward trend of email reaching our gateways.  The number of spam messages reported by our end users remains pretty consistant,  The number of business messages (good mail) is consistent.  But, the numbers being rejected by LDAP for example are way down compared to where they were last summer.


      Here are a few examples - a comparison of April 2010 vs. December 2010 and numbers from '09


                                                        April   2010            December 2010          April 2009           December 2009


      Blocked by LDAP                        3.3 million                2.8 million                  6 million               11.3 million


      Total Spam Blocked                    14.7 mil                    4.1 million                 8.5 million              12.5 million


      Connections blocked by TS            8.1 mil                    3.1 million                 8.1 million               7 million


      Any ideas?