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    Internet Security 2011 -  3 PC Version - Does Not Activate



         I was a  McAfee Internet Security 2010 User earlier.    I bought a 2011 version from a computer shop and I'm trying to activate the 2011 version since 3 days, but it does not activate.  I have a 32bit Vista Home Basic.


                                 Uninstalled                  :    McAfee Internet Security 2010

                                 Installing                     :    McAfee Internet Security 2011

                                 Install Sources Tried   :    DVD Software  and also Online - Both Failed to Activate.

                                 Internet Explorer        :   Tried on IE 7, IE 9 Beta both.  Now I'm back to IE 7

                                 Operating System        :   Windows Home Basic -  32 Bit



      Initially,  I uninstalled McAfee Internet Security 2010. Rebooted the Machine.  Then Installed McAfee Internet Security 2011.  The install happened  fully and it leaves me with 2 week trial period. I try to activate and all happens is  ---> 'please wait while we connect to McAfee.com' and nothing happens after that.



         1)    I have again uninstalled and reinstalled and tried few times, But didnt really help.

         2)     I have also searched and deleted the Mc Afee folders manually from C:\Program Files , C:\ProgramData, C:\Users. Reinstalled and

                still no difference

         3)    Cleaned up the registry removing McAfee keys and then reinstalled and that didnt make a difference.

         4)    I downloaded --> http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/MCPR.exe

                               I ran the MCPR. This removed the Internet Security 2011 and rebooted the machine.  I then again installed McAfee Internet

                Security 2011.  The install as usual completes well, but when product activation happens it just stays as 'please wait while we connect

              to McAfee.com'

          5)   Ran the Mcpreinst.exe file and then installed Internet Security 2011.  Product Activation still showed 'please wait while we connect to McAfee.com'




                                 Logged a support call with McAfee. They told me machine might have some old install files and they will remove it with MCPR file.

      They remote logged in to my computer with GoToAssist.  Then there was no activity for 30mins and I had to go out so I told them I will contact them later.


                           I have searched all over McAfee forums and google.   The most common 2 suggestions are


      Suggestion 1:  Download and run MCPR to clean  and remove old McAfee files






      Suggestion 2:   Opening Command prompts as a administrator and running C:\Program Files\McAfee\msc\mcoemmgr.exe/regserver

                              When you right click on M from taskbar and try to activate, again its the same problem- 'please wait while we connect

              to McAfee.com'



                   Both the suggestions dont work for me.


                                        I moved from Norton to McAfee due to these kind of problems where I ended up reformatting my System.  Now McAfee also seem to give me similar trouble,


      Is there some other solution or quick fix where I can get my product activated.



      Thanks in Advance




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          1 do not use ie9 it is a beta and will not work with Mcafee.

          2. Only issue I see is after uninstalling via MCPR and rebooting you never ran Mcpreinst.exe


          This resets IE to defaults and other little things.

          Chat should help you if above no good retry them themn post back and I will ask 1 of the techs who deal with us to look at your PC.


          Wondering why you installing 2011 it is the same as 2010 ie version 4.5. The 2011 box is only a marketing ploy that quite a few AVs use as marketing bods seem to feel a new version is due in September. The new 2011 only in beta now will be released Q2 2011 I assume.

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            Thanks Tony.    I ran the Mcpreinst.exe as well.  I just forgot to add it in the post.



            This is now resolved.  I spoke to  McAfee technical support.  This was solved by most simple way.


                                 1)   Uninstalled Exising Versions with MCPR and rebooted the machine.

                                 2)   They activated the product online.Then logged to my McAfee account - Downloaded and installed the pre-activated online version.

                                 3)   McAfee 2011 Internet Security is all activated and all is well!!!

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              That is something I cannot do as I am a volunteer. I suppose if your call was not interrupted that would have been next. Thanks for the update



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