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    SmartFilter not working as expected updating rules

      I have a requirement to allow all staff access to a list of sites, the best way I have found to implement this is by using SmartFilters and as such have created a new SmartFilter and have tied this to the HTTP Application Defence with the filter set to exclude with all others disabled.


      My problem is that when I update/add an address to the smartfilter all sites deny for the first attempt and then on refresh they work correctly.  I have also found that if I disable the "Reject all requests if the SmartFilter is unavailable" on the HTTP defence and have found that for the initial query the users can access any site and then they are rejected.


      Is there something I am missing in the setup to stop this, at the moment the device is still in initial testing prior to an initial release next week.


      I have version 8.1 of the firewall software installed


      Thanks in Advance