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    Trouble with install of Internet Security 2011

      Hi there,


      I have an unusual problem. I purchased McAfee Internet Security 2011, 3 -user license CD, and was able to install it on my laptop.  However, I am unable to install in on my second computer, which is a desktop (Dell).  The system accepts the CD and does the AutoPlay loading the CD program.  It wants to go to the internet and install the very latest version, which I allow it to do. After about 15 minutes its wraps up and seems to be almost done, but then pops up a screen saying in was unable to install the program.  I tried to install directly from the CD, but it gives me the same error dialogue box.  Very frustrating!


      It did go ahead an delete my McAfee 2010 Virus software already, so now my child is running unprotected and I can't get the new software loaded.  Any ideas?  The error that pops up is called the dldinstfail 2011.  I copied a similair picture shown in the help menu for the 2010 virus program.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!