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    question about citrix

      I was looking around my computer today and noticed a few items from citrix on there.I know what citrix is used for.But can anyone tell me why those files would be modified as recentely as today.I have not used system support for months.Here is a screen shot.

                                                                                                                                                Thanks newjack

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          Anyone know about this??

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            One quick question. Are you able to see the GoToAssist program listed in your Add/Rem?

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              No aldrin.IT is not there.

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                Hi Aldrin,Still waiting on an answer as to why i would have citrix modified items on my computer.I know McAfee uses citrix to remotely enter computers.Normally with the users consent,I suspect.Here are some of the latest items i have that have been modified again.These items have since been modified since my last post.Very interesting images below.Can some one please tell me what is going on here?? Again,I have not used Citrix since November.When Somer helped me with a false possitive.                                                                                   Thanks newjack



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                  Citrix client is something similar to Microsoft remote desktop tool (if you are familiar with that).  Since citrix was installed as an application in your computer those application related files will still be there on your computer and would try to connect to its servers whenever an update is available and that the reason for the recent file modification.


                  However, you can safely uninstall those folders manually from your computer, it would be under C:\Program Files\Citrix\GoToAssist\. If required, at any point of time we can easily reinstall them back in case if require any remote assistance in future.

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                    Have you looked at the image below in my last post?Also what server is it trying to connecting to?There is no application.That does`nt really make sense to me.Also when a Mcafee customer does a remote session.Do we not have to OK the citrix application?                                                                       Thanks newjack