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    I need to be informed of the difference if any, between two kinds of purchase of McAfee Internet Security 2010-3-user/12-month, that come with a >100% price difference between them !!!

      My preinstalled McAfee Internet Security 3-user  program that came with my new Sony Vaio Notebook (Win.7 Home Premium 64 bit, Intel i7), expired 2 days ago after a 2-month period.

      I'm situated in Greece and the software uses  Greek language too, but there's no mention of any Greece tech-support, local phone number or any local representative, anywhere in McAfee web pages.

      The popup link to buy a 12 month subsription sends me to a secure form to buy ''3-user McAfee Internet Security 2010 ,12-month'' at a price of 69,95 Euros.

      On the other hand, as I searched a bit ,I can as well , still buy a new  ''3-user McAfee Internet Security 2010 , 12-month'' at  the price of 34.95 Euros minus a 20% offered discount ( again in a Greek language window), at just 27.96 Euros !!!  I need to be informed of what's the difference between the two kinds of purchase of exactly the same software with a >100% price difference between them,  regarding the way I'll have to install / update / download / uninstall / or whatever is needed to keep my Antivirus working as it did, problem-free, for the last 60 days !

      Thanks in advance.