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    OAS wildcard exclusion for UNC path

      VSE 8.8 readme contains:




      When you configure a drive to exclude from on-access scanning,                       use a UNC path, not a mapped network drive. For example, if you type                       Z:, for the mapped network drive in the                       Set Exclusions dialog box, the files in the mapped drive are not excluded from                       on-access scanning.                     


      Workaround: To exclude a network drive from on-access                       scanning use a UNC path, not a mapped network drive. (546966)                     


      Have been thinking about a similar issue for a while. For certain reasons, we have "Scan Network Drives" enabled, but have excluded certain drive letters from scanning. The issue occurs when those drive letters don't match a server that we control via AV.


      Let's say I have a large number of servers (that have AV on them) with a naming pattern of xxxxCORPxxnnn (where x is a letter and n is a number. Numbers could range from 1 to infinite).


      What would the correct wildcard OAS exemption be?


      Something like