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    Auto renewal subscription sham

      I just got off the online chat support with McAfee Customer Service regarding my auto-renewal.  The issue was the auto-renewal price.  I was told and I can confirm because of what I was charged  that the auto-renewal price is NOT the advertised internet "manual" renewal price!  The auto-renewal price is the FULL suggested pricing with NO DISCOUNT!  The internet "manual" renewal price for McAfee Internet security is $39.99 (it has a $30 discount when renewing this way).  With auto-renewal, I was charged $69.99. ;-(    Needless to say, I turned off auto-renewal and removed my credit card info. from my account.  Auto-renewal is sham!


      I have attached some amusingly incredulous text from the Customer Service rep. (name removed) from the online chat:


      "We suggest you to check the exact subscription validity on the confirmation email. I would like to inform you that when you subscribe to McAfee Always on Protection Feature (Auto Renewal Feature), your subscription will be renewed at the original market price as default. The promotional offer that is available in the web site varies accordingly on the different occation. As this promotional varies all the time, this offer will not apply at the time of Auto Renewal."



      Nice eh!  (I'm Canadian)



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          I've never opted for auto renewal.   Buying retail versions of their products is far cheaper.   By waiting for special offers, the average cost after tax for McAfee Internet Security or Total Protection has never exceeded $8 (Canadian) / computer / year.

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            It's unfortunate I know and we have pointed out to McAfee on numerous occasions that it would be good PR to renew at the lowest available price or even turn auto-renewal off by default, but have met deaf ears thus far I'm afraid.


            Until then, always read the small print when you buy anything online and in this case, turn off auto-renewal on your account page.


            Should you have been billed when you didn't want to renew and it's within 30 days of the billing date, Customer Service will refund the amount charged.



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              Hello, I'm from Belgium and if it may be a relieve for you, they do this with all their customers worldwide.

              It's a shame McAfee treats his customers like that.  It shows no respect at all to his loyal customers.

              I'll advice everybody to disable this "auto-renewal" (auto-rip-off)




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                I was stuned to see an "Auto Renewal" billing or should I say "bilking" me of $80...I lost a lot of respect for this sham company...called customer services in India, cancelled my auto renewed scam subscription and it was lowered to $39...hard to understand this, are they that desperate!??  

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                  You agreed to auto-renewal when you first subscribed, but like most people, probably didn't read the fine print.  However you could have turned it off at any time yourself in your online account settiings.  In any case Customer Service is always willing to refund any charges you feel are unjust, so all should now be OK.


                  There's nothing sham or dishonest about it, many companies employ auto-renewal for their subscription base.

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                    Replying to Peter, @Ex_Brit. I disagree with your statement "There's nothing . . . dishonest about it." Mcafee presents the auto-renewal service as an offer to sell at the "market price" which means the price you will find if you shop around. In some material they call this the "current price" which is even more ambiguous - any price that McAfee charges any retail single-unit renewal in my country is one of their current prices. If their wish was to communicate and be understood they would call this the "list price". By calling it these other names they are wilfully creating a false impression of the price they intend to chagre. They probably have not done anything illegal or fraudulent but they are unquestionably being deceptive, ant that's a form of dishonesty.

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                      I have already stated, I thought in sympathy with similar complaints, that we have tried to get them to charge the lowest available price, to no avail, if that's possible in the first place anyway as it would mean they would have to be constantly revising web pages, something very few companies do if at all.    It's up to you the user to shop around and to turn off the auto-renewal yourself if you wish.


                      The EULA you click agreement to, which is here and should always be read thororughly:  http://home.mcafee.com/Root/AboutUs.aspx?id=eula states in part:


                      Automatic Renewal and Its Effects. If you have given us a valid credit-card number or an alternative payment method, we will automatically charge you and renew your subscription for another term when each term expires. The fee will not exceed the current price, excluding promotional and discount pricing. The new term will be the same length as the expired term unless otherwise specified by us at the time of renewal. This renewal and your payment will be processed within 30 days before the current term expires and each anniversary thereafter. We will inform you of your account status and any changes to the terms and conditions of your subscription in accordance with local law.


                      It doesn't say market price, it says current price, excluding promotions etc.


                      If you have a beef with McAfee's terms then challenge them by writing to their headquarters via the "Contact Us' link at the bottom left of this or any other McAfee page.


                      I'm only the messenger here and an unpaid user of the software like yourselves.









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                        Peter, I'm sorry that you took personal offense at my post. I'm not accusing you of anything, just disagreeing with you, and isn't that what forums are for. I understand about the importance of reading EULAs, though I'm certain that McAfee is aware of how few people actually do (one in 30,000 according to http://www.pcpitstop.com/spycheck/eula.asp - And I did see the little message when I was renewing (manually) about how McAfee was going to do me the favor of enabling autorenewal. And I was able to turn it back off before I came to this forum. So it's not like I was careless and decided to blame you.


                        It's that I've just had the experience, an unfortunately common one these days, of catching someone putting their hand into my pocket and was able to stop them before they got to my wallet. I am not surprised when I experience this from people who are selling MP3 downloads, free cellphone apps, etc. But it's a little extra creepy when the hand in my pocket belongs to the guy I'm hiring to protect me against pickpockets, do you see what I'm saying?


                        Thanks for the suggestion of contacting McAfee's headquarters. But I tried that about two years ago with a different renewal-related complaint, and the guy who took my call was a telemarketing guy apparently working on commission, whose only thoughts were about what else he could sell me.



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                          It just happened to me actually when out of the blue Paypal told me it had renewed something I thought I had cancelled long ago.  Fortunately it's rectifiable as are the McAfee charges for anyone, as long as they claim within 60 days.   No problem and good luck Dwight ;-)


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