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    IIS 5/6 vulnerability - Hackers actively exploring possible attacks (971492)

      While this new security issue pertains to corporate users rather than home users, please always use safe practices in visiting any website. Until a patch emerges, it is important for Web Admins to take mitigating actions as it could provide a new source for website attacks.

      Hackers are actively exploring this vulnerability and CERT has noted possible attacks for the new IIS vulnerability. While there is no current patch, there are ways of mitigating this (e.g., disabling WebDAV if no applications use it, greater restrictions on anonymous accounts, etc).

      IIS 5/6 vulnerability - Hackers actively exploring possible attacks (971492)
      http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Security/Mitigations-for-Microsoft-Server-Software-Vuln erability-as-Hackers-Circle-541660/
      http://www.us-cert.gov/current/index.html#microsoft_internet_information_service s_iis

      Microsoft Security Advisory (971492)
      Vulnerability in Internet Information Services Could Allow Elevation of Privilege

      QUOTE: Microsoft's Internet Information Services software has a privilege escalation vulnerability that US-CERT says is under attack by hackers. While users wait for a patch, here are ways to mitigate the vulnerability. Exploit code for a vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Information Services software is circulating around the Web, leaving organizations in search for ways to keep hackers at bay.

      According to US-CERT, attacks leveraging the vulnerability are already under way, though Microsoft said in an advisory it was unaware of any exploits. Still, US-CERT urged users waiting for a patch to consider disabling WebDAV.