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    Would it be better to uninstall and reinstall?


      I don;t know if this has been asked but....


      I have an old Dell that has the 30 trial Mcaffe version on it. I constantly get the pop up telling me to upgrade and that my definitions are 3 years old. I am in the service and can get the latest McAfee and definitions free. Should i uninstall the trial and reinstall the other McAfee, or can i update the trial version? <----- Seems like a dumb question after typing it but im sure ther are other eople thinking the same.

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          I don't think I understand your question but,

          If McAfee's trial has ran out, then you cannot update it.

          (Don't hold me to it, I've never ran the trial.)


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            That is indeed a good question, please be informed that if the trial version and the one that you are subscribed to are the same version , you can very well go ahead and check for updates by which there happens an upgrade. But, if the one that is subscribed is a different package like Total protection / Internet security you will have to run the removal tool and reinstall the new version.

            I would recommend you to get in touch with our technicians by clicking on the Useful Links at the top of this page , as they would let you know the type of subscription you are entitled to and would help you in getting the same installed to your machine.