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    MWG 7.0.2 Fails Under Load

      I am curious if there are others out there in my situation. When we have less than 10 users in our test lab pointed a the MWG 7.0.2 it works fine, but as soon as we try a larger group the appliance chokes after less than a day or two. We monitor the processor / memory usage and it does not take a hit, so the hardware and OS do not seem to be taxed, just the MWG application itself. We have attempted four different rollouts since August and the result has been the same where we have had to pull the users off and point them back to the old MWG 6.8 that is in production, since the MWG 7.0 dies. Each problem has been slightly different, supposedly patched by a known issue. We have a pretty straightforward setup as well, with a few groups of users and AD authentication.


      We are seriously considering pulling the plug on the upgrade project until MWG 7.1 is released, since we are wasting too much labor on something that should be working. I just feel that we are beta testers at this point.


      Anyone else find themselves in this situation?



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