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    How to sort out inacurate agent information in ePO


      I'm having the folowing problem, the agent information is incorectly reported in my ePO console. Some of the agents are reported with a wrong version of VirusScan and others with no VirusScan at all, and there are some inacuracies on the systems detection dates.

      I tried to send wake-up calls to these agents with no success.

      For few machines, I deleted the agent records from the system section, hoping that they would re-register with ePo with correct information. But since they haven't come back in the console, even though they are still communicating/updating to my ePO server.

      I would like to know what would be the correct steps of action to have an agent, already registered, to re-register again with correct information?

      Thanks in advance

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          This symptom has several different possible root-causes.


          First I'd suggest checking the following file and see if VSE is being recorded correctly (depending on the OS it will be in one of these locations):

          • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\Common Framework\lastprop.xml
          • C:\ProgramData\McAfee\Common Framework\lastprop.xml


          That file represents the property set that the agent is sending to ePO. It will quicly tell you where the problem resides. If the information is wrong in the file then the problem is on the client machine (the client is sending the wrong information to ePO). If its correct in the file then the problem resides with ePO (the client is sending the correct information but ePO is not recording it correctly).


          The most common problem I've seen on the client-side is related to the registry key the agent pulls the properties from which is [HKLM\Software\Network Associates\ePolicy Orchestrator\Application Plugins\ViruscanXXXX] where XXXX is the version number for VSE. For example VSE 8.7 would be Viruscan8700. If the client is reporting multiple versions of VSE it is because muliple copies of that registry key are present. If it is not reporting VSE at all its either because that key is missing or because the pluginflag has a value set to 8.


          You can typically resolve the problem by reinstalling VSE. If this is problematic or if you have a large number of machines experiencing this issue then you can call into support and open an SR. We can then generate an SDAT which will clear up the registry key. For the SDAT to be a viable solution though we need to know precisely what is wrong with the registry key therefore I'd suggest identifying the same problem on multiple machines before requesting an SDAT.

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            Thanks a lot for your answer, it's all what I needed