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    Swine Flu - New dangers in websites and email also

      :eek: Numerous web sites are being registered and many of these will be used for legitimate purposes. However, some sites could be used for future phishing attacks or to seed malware. Please be careful with both email and websites that you might encounter related to this topic.

      Extensive Registrations of Swine Flu Websites
      (some of these site names could be used in future attacks)

      Spam messages are circulating that should be avoided, as they could contain malicious links :mad:

      Swine Flu Spam

      QUOTE: Subject Lines:
      First US swine flu victims!
      US swine flu statistics
      Salma Hayek caught swine flu!
      Swine flu worldwide!
      Swine flu in Hollywood!
      Swine flu in USA
      Madonna caught swine flu!