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      To reduce the length of time it takes to get my Vista computer going, I blocked some programs from running at Startup.  But now I get a message off th taskbar "Blocked startup programs" icon, to run one of them called "UpdateUtil Applicaton".  but a yellow banded warning says an "unidentified program" wants to access my computer.  I would think Windows would recognize "netfxupdate.exe" and not ask if I trust it or not.  Some search results for netfxupdate.exe indicate it can be used as a malware vehicle.


      Since this somehow was involved when I blocked some startup programs, can I trust my inclination to unblock it and let netfxupdate.exe "access my computer"?  It may be necessary to allow updates of some critical Windows application.

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          Netfxupdate.exe is a file associated with Microsoft .Net framework. So you may allow the program to run on the computer.

          User Account Control prevents programs that require permission or an administrator password from running automatically when Windows starts. If a program is blocked, you'll see a message in the notification area that says some startup programs need permission to run. You can run a blocked program, remove blocked programs from startup, or ignore the notification.

          To run a blocked program

          1. Right-click the Blocked startup programs icon in the notification area.
          2. Click Run blocked program, and then click the name of the program you want to run. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

          To remove a blocked program from startup

          You can remove a blocked program from startup so that it won't try to run automatically each time you start Windows. Removing the program from startup won't remove the program from your computer.

          1. Right-click the Blocked startup programs icon in the notification area.
          2. Click Show or remove blocked startup programs.

          Run or remove blocked startup programs

          http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Run-or-remove-blocked-startup-p rograms