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    Upgrading 8.5i P8 to 8.7i P4 using ePO 4.5


      Hi all, I'm currently upgrading all my workstations and servers from 8.5i patch 8 to 8.7i patch 4 using a configured Client Task in ePO 4.5 Patch3. I've noticed after the installation completes that 8.7i doesn't seem to be in a functioning state (it doesn't detect eicar test files). Only after a reboot does the 8.7i installation seem to be functioning. Question is how can I force a reboot after the installation completes? In the Client Task wizard there is no option to have the systems reboot after the upgrade?  Is there another way using ePO for VSE upgrading that I can have the systems reboot after the upgrade?  Should I put in an MPER asking McAfee to include a reboot option in Client Tasks for a future release? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.