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    Should we deploy EPO Agent 4.5P2 to systems managed by EPO 4.0 server


      I noticed that McAfee has just released McAfee EPO Agent 4.5P2. Our environment consists of a EPO 4.0 server with about 2000 clients running EPO Agent 4.0.1494. I know that both EPO 4.0 and EPO agent 4.0 will end-of-life this year.


      Is it okay to push out the latest EPO 4.5 agent before we upgrade the server to EPO 4.5 or 4.6 when it gets released. The server upgrade won't happen for about 6 months after we do a data center upgrade. In 6 months, the plan is to virtualize the current EPO server.


      Are there any problems running EPO Agent 4.5 against a 4.0 server? Also what are the benefits over running the 4.0 agent?