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    EUQ Link Refresh

      Hi, I´m having the following issue. When I run inmediately the EUQ Link Refresh "Refresh for All Users", not all the users are receiving the link renewal notification.

      When I take a look at the log I can notice the following:



      EUQR_refresh:0:01202011 16:07:31:Starting...


      EUQR_refresh:0:01202011 16:07:31:User <XXXXXX@XXXXXXXX.com.ar> not present. User will get a link notification when a message is quarantined


      EUQR_refresh:0:01202011 16:07:31:Completed link refresh.


      EUQR_refresh:0:01202011 16:07:31:********Completed instant mode *****



      The thing is that we intentionally quarantined emails to that address and nothing happend.


      Can you help?



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          The EUQ Link Refresh (immediately) will work when the user is eligible to get EUQ notifications so I would start to check your following things.


          1) "User List"

          The user is in the "User List" and your test message is quarantined in a Quarantine Type which is in the User List.


          2)"Notification Option"

          If the message is quarantined in multiple quarantine types, check your "Notification Option".


          3)The euq process needs to identify your test message. That process runs every 15 min(6.7.1) or 30 min(6.5.4) depends on your software version.
          so make sure you wait for enough time to be identified your test message before you run the EUQ Link Refresh.

          4)Your test message is quarantined in a quarantine queue when you run the EUQ Link Refresh.



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            Thanks, the third option was the one that presents in my enviroment.