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    UTM SG580 PPTP VPN subnet issues

      I have a SG580 (v. 4.0.6) and we have PPTP VPN clients.  We are having an issue where our VPN clients can't see the whole LAN( a /22 network).  PPTP Clients(Windows and Mac) see a /24 subnet.





      PPTP IPs given to remote hosts

      PPTP Clients can't connect to servers with 10.10.2.x or 10.10.3.x addresses. 


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          The subnet mask and routing entries are done on the VPN client. Typically MS clients use the VPN as a default gateway to avoid the issue you are having.


          For example, on the UTM device you would set this in the PPTP VPN Client field


          Subnet Mask for Remote network:


          Hope this points you in the right direction