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    Help, cannot load google.com on Windows XP computer

      I am currently having problems accessing Google.com or using Google searches on my XP computer.  This problem seems to have developed after that computer updated to the new McAfee Security Center 10.5 with VirusScan 14.5 and Firewall 11.5.  This problem is affecting all browsers on the XP computer, including Firefox (4 Beta 9), Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Opera.  In every browser, search bars set to google and some google.com sites will not load.  GMail and Google News will load, but these are the only two that appear to do so.  I am currently running a VirusScan with up-to-date definitions.  Any help in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.


      P.S.  I currently have the same McAfee versions installed on my Vista Laptop with absolutely no issues.

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          Can you access Google.com from your Vista laptop without any delay in loading the page? But from an XP machine the page(s) won't load? I was going to suggest that there might be, or have been, a problem with Google itself because I noticed early today that Google, my homepage, was taking a long time to display. Mine is an XP too, and I was using IE (which is always slow, but not usually that slow).


          What symptoms do you see when you get the problem? Does it just hang, does it timeout, does it part-load?


          If it's not a Google server problem then you could try the usual things - flush the DNS cache, delete temporary internet files, purge cookies from the system, check for problems with add-ons especially in IE - except that you say you get it even with Chrome, which is optimised for fast loading. Hmm. It has to be a local problem if your laptop is okay. If I was a tech I'd say run a few scans to see if anything has got on your machine that's trying to redirect you, or otherwise mess with your connection to Google. But for now I'll only say that if you download SysInternals' Process Explorer you can watch in detail what's going on with the processes when you try to connect, and that could well give you the clue you (and we) need to resolve the problem.

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            Yes, I can access with no issues on Vista laptop.  I am still running a virus scan to see if anything is picked up by it.


            When I do try to load it, any progress bar does load some portion of the way in the beginning and and then stops, hang until a time-out page appears.  I will try cleaning out temporary internet files and cookies, as well as flush the DNS cache to see.






            After flushing the DNS cache and dealing with cookies and temporary files, still could not access google.com.  I then proceded to go into the McAfee Security Center and turned the firewall off an tried again.  This time, I was able to load google.com again.  To verify, I turned the firewall back on, and it still allowed me to load google.com.  Not quite sure what was going on, but it is working again, at least for now.



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              It is definitely the McAfee firewall causing the issue, as the issue has returned.  Working on trying to figure out a way of reinstalling it to see if it corrects the problem. 

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                Have reinstalled McAfee and made sure that firewall settings were restored to default.  Not sure how long it will work.

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                  KMoore – McAfee Firewall would not block google.com. However, it would occur in case if you have any hidden infections on your computer. Please click on Start> Run> Type cmd> Ok> Type ping www.google.com. Check whether you are able to get a good reply, if No then Type IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS> Hit Enter.


                  If required Reset the Internet Explorer to its default settings and retry the website and let us know the status

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                    I have flushed the DNS cache and have been pinging google.com several times today.  I was easily able to ping google.com with responses each time.  I have run a complete virus scan and found nothing.  Only after reinstalling McAfee and reseting the Firewall settings to defaults was I able to consistently access Google.com with no issues.  I then changed the Security level from to Monitored Access as I prefer it that way, and the issue has not returned as of yet.

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                      Good to hear that. However, let us know if you still come across any such instance.

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                        I am having the identical issue.  McAfee Total Protection, Security Center 10.5 Build 10.5.221 with McAfee Personal Firewall Build 11.5.141.  Blocks all www.google.com and most other websites.  (IE: www.chase.com, and subpages on my credit union web site.)  I have flushed the DNS, and can ping www.google.com fine.  The firewall simply blocks the site.


                        I am running XP v.5.1.2600.


                        If I disable the McAfee Persnal Firewall, everything works fine.  If I enable it, I get this site blocking behavior.  I also can not do a POP-3 fetch from Thunderbird with the firewall enabled.  Works fine with the firewall disabled.


                        It would appear that McAfee downloaded an update that broke the firewall.


                        Any suggestions would be most appreciated.




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                          Hello Patrick,


                          I don’t think it’s an identical issue as what KMoore had. However, I would like to know the following:


                          1.    What kind of internet connection are you using?

                          2.    What is the version of Internet Explorer that’s installed in your computer?

                          3.    Do you have any other security software installed?

                          4.    Did you recently come across with any weird popup or security alert messages in your computer?

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