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    unable to start the service

      Good day,


      I am testing the End point encryption manager/ Encryption for files and folder (v5.2.4) using windows 7 and i am having a problem.  In the manager i created a server with the default informacion then i opened the database server end when i tied to File > start service then "yes" an error appear "Unable to start the service"


      in the manager i tried to right click on the server > get status i this is what it says about that


      Getting status for <myServer> at <myIP>

      Error (0x5c00000f): Failed to connect to the remote computer


      i thought that maybe changing the ip to the service could start and then be able to connect but that didn't worked. i also changed the port and was the same


      i reinstalled the applications several times, tried creating new databases and starting from zero all the installation and still no luck.


      could you help me solve this problem.