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    Non Compliant system

      Hi everybody!

      This is my first post here on the McAfee community!


      In my dashboard I have six "non compliant" systems (red in the pie chart). They'are "managed" but I think I've to handle this situation.


      Those clients have the small red icon in the tray notification area but the pop-up menu doesn't have all commands enabled, the operating system (WinXP SP3) doesn't report any Anivirus system in the Control Panel. I think those clients are not protected at all!!


      If I select a Compliant system I've this situation:

      McAfee Agent, Product Coverage Reports, VirusScan Enterprise, AntiSpyware
      If I select a Non Compliant system I've this different situation:
      McAfee Agent, Product Coverage Reports


      All the Compliant systems have been handled by an ex-worker of my company.


      What I've to do? I've tried to issue some task via the Action Menu (Wake Up, Update Now, ecc..) but without success. I'd like to follow a standard procedure instead of trying like I'm doing...

      The server is a Windows 2003 with ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5.0 (Build: 753) and we don't use the Active Directory service.


      Thanks a lot for all your support


      Michele Mura


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          You're right - these machines don't have any AV installed. You need to get ViruscScan Enterprise installed on those systems: you can do this via ePO, but if you're in a hurry (as it's only a small number) it might be easier to manually install VSE on them.


          HTH -



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            Hi Joe!


            Thanks for your reply.

            I'm not in such a hurry, so I'd like to install VSE through ePO since I'm also try to learn to handle this new software (for me!)

            Could you please help me both way?

            What I've to do to install the software via the Orchestrator and where may I find the "setup" files to copy on the client and run (I think)


            Thanks in advance for your help!




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              The best thing you can do would be to start with the "Deploying Software and Updates" section in the ePO 4.5 product guide - this will take you through the process


              In a nutshell, though, the process would be something like this:


              1) Download the VSE install package from the McAfee downbload site, using your grant number

              2) Check the package (and the extensions) into ePO

              3) Create a product deployment task and configure it to install VSE

              4) Assign this task to the machines you want to have VSE installed on them - this would presumably be all of them


              Then when the agent on the machines run the task, they will install VSE if it is not already installed. (If it *is* installed, the task doesn't do anything.)


              HTH -



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                Thanks a lot again for you prompt reply.

                I'll read the guide and try to follow your procedure.


                I saw that in my Master Repository I've all the software I need and so I think I've to "pull" it to those clients. But I'll try to find some time to read and learn.

                Anyway If I want to directly install the VSE into those client, just follow the first step (1) and then copy it -> run it to the clients, I think.


                Thanks for your kindness and time




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                  To try and learn the other way (manually setup of VSE without ePO), using my Grant Number I've downloaded VSE870LMLRP4.Zip.


                  Just unzip it and run SetupVSE.Exe on the target machine and then my ePO server will discover the new upgraded (but already managed) client? Or after installation I've to do something else?


                  Thanks in advance to everybody.