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    Unable to find clients when trying to add new systems


      First, I'm all new to this so I've might missed something trivial. I also tried searching, but couldnt find anything that would help me so I'll try a new post.

      My setup looks like this, windows 2008 Enterprise x86 server, windows 7 pro cleints.

      When I browse for clients I cant see any at all. The only thing I see is servers.

      I guess this has something to do with WINS/Netbios config, right? I've set up a WINSserver and configured the DHCP with option 44 (set to ip of WINS server) and 46 (set to h).

      I'm kinda stuck here and cant find a way to go forward. The servers has static ip/configurations btw, I guess thats why they show up when browsing the AD throiugh the ePO.


      Any tips that could help me start deploying agents to my clients?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Perhaps you can make an LDAP connection. Then do an active directory sync of the locations where your computers are. But this gets a little messy because AD could pull in a lot of groups that you don't need. You can always look up how to deploy MA via GPO. I've seen that to be successful. That way, you can build your system tree to your own specs that make it simple to manage your systems. Set the system tree sorting and policies first. Then deploy agents and they will automatically sort to where they need to go.


          Build your system tree and sorting first, and apply policies and tasks to them.... then get the agents online.

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            Thanks for the tip, thats probably the way I'll have to go for PC's. But how do I deploy the agent on Mac's? Those are unaffected by the GPO's...