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    running stinger  to remove mcafee virus

      This lady from Mcafee emailed me a web address that led me here for help to use "Stinger" to remove a virus or two off my pc.   I have reead the link she sent me to and I am confused on where to start. Can you help me? My operating system is Windows XP.  The first step says

      1:In a web browser, go to the Mcafee Labs Tools page:


      Is this the correct way to start?   Then for the next step,

      2. Under Utilities, select the Stinger for the threat you want to clean. (This is one part I didn't understand because I didn't see that.)

      3. Download and save the Stinger to your desktop. (Which I wasn't sure what to download.) There are up to #8 more directions with numbers & then there are a few more things it tells me to do;includong additional info. I would really appreciate all the help I can get ASAP.


      My email is 

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      Amanda Allen



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            First, a Stinger is a tool which goes after just a few of the more prevalent or difficult computer viruses. It works slightly differently from a normal McAfee anti-virus scan, I think. I take it you've already done a Full Scan with McAfee?


            Before you start, read this page about what the Stinger is and how it works.


            Now, go to the web page which that link you posted takes you to.


          When you get there, click on the Stinger option near the bottom of the list. See the screenshot below. You want the third item in the list that appears.


          You will get the Start Download page (see below). Click on 'Download this tool now' and you immediately get a page of legal stuff. Read it if you want, but life's too short... When you get to the bottom of the page, click on 'Download Now'.


          If you're using Internet Explorer you will probably get a Security Warning (see below). Click Run.

          If you're using another browser it might just download Stinger without giving you the Are-you-sure stuff.


          If you another pop-up window saying the Publisher Could Not Be Verified just click Run. I would have thought McAfee would have taken care of that little detail, but apparently not.


          The Stinger window will appear, and you're good to go. If you click on Preferences you can set the Sensitivity Level to anything from Low to Very High. The higher you set it the more work it does and the longer it will take. If your email advised you to choose a setting, follow that advice; otherwise, the first time you run it choose Low. Choose a higher setting later if you want.


          Remember, this little tool only goes after about 2000 viruses. The main McAfee scan looks for a huge number, and new ones get added every day. Which is why this tool is presumably reserved for those few which are hard to detect or to dislodge once they've infected your PC.


          I think you're meant to report the findings - if anything is found - to McAfee, but if your email says anything about that I won't add anything more now.



          Edit - I just downloaded and ran the Stinger, as a try-out. First, there's nothing in the Stinger that lets it or you report its findings directly to McAfee. Second, it takes for ever to do its stuff, so I'd set it running and then leave it for at least a couple of hours. And third, on a system which I try to ensure is clean and malware-free, it found (it said) a Trojan called FakeAlert!PCVirusless - and promptly deleted the file. I think that file may actually have been okay, and the Stinger wrongly identified it, so before you run it yourself you might want to look for the option in Preferences that lets you decide what to do with anything found ("On Virus detection") and, just in case, set it to Rename.



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            Amanda,here is the documents for running stinger.Hayton is correct there is an option to change to report only.This is the way Mcafee says to run stinger.

            https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-1294           good luck,newjack



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