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    Asked before I'm sure but Real Time Scanning...

      Okay, I have McAfee through my Cox account. Two days ago I turned my computer on and it went straight into a McAfee update. The update was installing the new interface as I still had the old through Cox. I guess they finally decided to update so now I have McAfee 2010 Cox Internet Suite. As soon as the update was finished and I restarted the computer, my computer freezes on everything. I can't open IE or Chrome without a 5-10 minute delay. I can't open MS Office docs without the same kind of delay. I try opening task manager and it takes forever too. Once I open it, I watch my computers usage go from 2% to 80+% and back again. I've researched and finally tried turning off Real Time Scanning and, once done, everything opens as quickly as it did before the update. Is there a patch? I checked all the permissions and they all state full and I've also run the McAfee Tech and found everything to be in working order. What now? Thanks!!



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          Please let us know the following details ;


          What is the operating system installed in the machine ?
          What is the size of your RAM and Hard Disk ?

          How old is the computer ?

          Do you face the issue with both the browsers Internet explorer & firefox ?

          How old is the computer ?




          Dinesh K

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            Dinesh, I am probably one of the most computer illiterate individuals here but I'll attempt to answer your questions. The OS is Windows XP with SP3. From looking at the system properties I get this info 1.60GHz, 1.87 GB of RAM. The computer is about 3 years old. I am experiencing this problem in IE and Chrome. Also, the freezing/or excessive slowing happens when I try to open a PDF, Word, email, etc... It's pretty much everything I try to do. I just turned off real time scanning and everything works faster. The virtual technician just came up and said there was an error with mcshield though so I'm assuming that's from turning off the scanning. Another thing I'd like to point out is that none of this was happening until McAfee updated to this version. Thanks Dinesh!

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              By any chance, do you have a different security scanner installed in your computer (or) that could have been in the computer before McAfee. Also,perform an update from McAfee and then run a full scan and let us know if it reports any anonymous information .