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    update to Total Protection freezes computer

      my computer freezes to the point it is not useful.  i have win xp SP3, 32 bit.  i have mcafee on a two year subscription.  i've noticed my computer freezing after i restart the computer to finish doing the update/install of what i believe is Total Protection program.  The original mcafee icon is a gray square with a red M in the middle, and the new icon becomes a gray shield with an M.  i've now stopped it from downloading updates, but every time it downloaded and installed the update, i've had to do a system restore to get my computer to work.  the freezing would kill everything.  task manager would not register anything and the clock would stop counting time.  i've never run any other antivirus software on this machine.


      help please?

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          the original mcafee will also say that my "computer is not fully protected" and have a tiny "x" in the system tray icon.  it fixes itself or i will click on "fix" in the program and goes on its mary way...

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            When you say he had a previous version of McAfee on the computer, was that already uninstalled before installing the new one. May be the new version got mixed up with the older one. I would recommend you to click on the Useful Links on top of this page and run the McAfee Removal Tool (MCPR) and then install it back from your online account and let us know the status.

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              i uninstalled mcafee, used MCPR.exe, restarted, ran the DMSetup.exe from mcafee's website in my account.  it tried to install, but came back with "installation incomplete".  so i restarted and tried to reinstall and got the same message.  downloaded the MVT and it came back with "can not check your computer".  probably b/c mcafee couldn't install, but i did what it told me to do.  so now i've had to do another system restore and the securitycenter doesn't come up properly, but i assume it's running.




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                Click on Useful Links> Technical Support and contact our technical support team. I'm sure they would help you to fix this.