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    Dangerous Email claims Obama refuses to become President

      This attack uses false sensationalized messages and a botnet design similar to Storm worm's for spreading. Messages and websites should be avoided.

      Dangerous Email claims Obama refuses to become President
      http://www.avertlabs.com/research/blog/index.php/2009/01/17/do-not-worry-obama-d i-not-refuse-to-be-a-president/

      QUOTE: In less than four days the inauguration of President-Elect Barack Obama will make headlines. At McAfee, we expect cybercriminals to use this event to conduct their typical attacks like they do when the news gives them such opportunity.

      Unfortunately, we were right and some sites have already started to circulate fake information on this subject to lure in the crowds in an attempt to infect their computers. Here is one of them we recently discovered. As you can see for yourself this author does not hesitate to make use of sensationalism:

      Let me add that if you are lured into this trap and are using an incorrectly protected PC that you will be infected by malware we detect as W32/Waledac.gen.b. This website was not created by a joker. It is very professionally done. It is protected by a botnet bringing into play the fast-flux technique.