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    ePo 3.5 (old server) ePo 4.5 (new server) conflict

      Hi everybody.

      I have two systems tow different servers one of epo 3.6 and one for 4.5

      epo 3.6 has installed desktopfirewall and virusscan 8.5 and 8.6, 200 clients

      epo 4.5 has installed HIPS 7 and virusscan 8.7 10 clients.


      I want to transfer the clients using the old epo/server to the new ep.


      I have tested one transfer:

      When i remove one system from the old epo its asking if i want to remove also the agent. I did select yes.

      Jumped to the new server/epo and added new system.


      Everything went ok. The system got the new agent 4.5 but the rest is still remaining  (old vs 8.5 and desktopfirewaal 8.5)

      (the new epo has client tast that will install virusscan 8.7 and hips 7 but they do not install as the old ones still remain.


      What would be the correct way to do something like this.

      What would be the best way to transfer those 200 clients from old epo/server to new epo/server with current installations.

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          First, you will have to schedule a deployment task on the ePO 3.X server to *uninstall* Desktop Firewall. The HIP installer won't uninstall Desktop Firewall so this will be the only way to get it off the systems and install HIP. Once all the machines have MDF removed, you can add the to the new ePO server and deploy the agent. This should get them to start communicating to the new ePO server. Since there is an upgrade path from VSE 8.5 to VSE 8.7 and ePO 4.5 supports VSE 8.5, you should be able to check in the VSE 8.5 extension into ePO 4.5 and manage the installs of VSE 8.5 and deploy VSE 8.7 over them without issue.