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    Server Renaming Issue


      I had renamed server where  the ePO was installed.

      I was not able to connect via web console as usual after renaming.


      Follow KB66620 on step 10 I started comand

      Rundll32.exe ahsetup.dll  RunDllGenCerts eposervername 8443 administrator password "C:\Program  Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\APACHE2\CONF\SSL.CRT"

      and get  the error in ahsetup.log

      20110119161318      I      #0244     AHSETUP  Creating Agent Handler Certs.

      20110119161318      I      #0244     MCUPLOAD Successfully disabled CA trust options.

      20110119161318      E     #0244     MCUPLOAD Failed to process the secure  communication request.  Error=401

      20110119161318      E     #0244     AHSETUP  Received an error from the server.   Error=401.


      Could you please advice what should I do to fix it?


      Thank you for help.

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