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    Problems with cookies and roaming profiles - SaaS 5.2

      Since we upgraded to SaaS 5.2 there has been a spate of Access Denied problems with cookies on our romaing profiles.


      This error has never occured but started manifesting itself just before Christmas after I scheduled the update to 5.2 for our network. It can be temporarily resolved by recreating a profile (long-winded) or by deleting cookies (inconvenient). The problem returns fairly quickly in either case. There is no permission issues with profiles and it appears to me, though I can't confirm, that Mcafee is either locking the file or corrupting it, so it can't be copied


      Is there a fix for this and if not when is the problem ging to be patched as is becoming increasingly frustratng to our users.

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          I'm having the same problem with my Terminal Servers. I found by deleting the cookies the profiles work again. It has something to do with Mcafee marking the cookies as quarantine, then they get access denied when the roaming profile tries to resync duriing logout.


          Another issue I'm having is the new updates are causing very slow I/O on the backup jobs, three times as slow. It's been happening for at least two weeks and I finally tracked it down  to Mcafee. I checked the early December 2010 logs and verified the throw put, and sure enough it takes three times as long to backup the same amount of data?


          Any help would be appreciated?

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            I have read your post.


            The fix for the roaming profile issue is readily available with the McAfee technical support.


            But, we will need you to contact the McAfee Technical support directly in order for us to implement the fix on your computer.


            Please contact the McAfee technical support department so we can help you resolve the issue.


            If you are in USA, then please call the number 1-800-338-8754 and use the option for the McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection Service.



            Pritish P.

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              I just dont understand some thing. In some of the posts here, users are lamenting about the issues and some one from McAfee responds to it and confirms that the issue is already identified and a hotfix is available as well. Why is it that the customer has to contact the Technical support and get it ???



              I mean, when there are potential issues that has been identified, why not roll everything into a patch and update all the software instead of giving away hotfixes on demand ??? If that is already on the plate, then why are the customers not being made aware of the approximate ETA of the patch ?




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                Just for your understanding.

                There is a patch yet to release for all the issues identified on the latest upgrade any time in February.

                Until then, we are just providing some work-around that is being suggested by the McAfee Engineering team. These work around steps are for internal purpose and is not to be shared in Public forums.

                All these steps will be published as FAQ's later.



                Pritish P.



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                  In my opinion please make this fix earlier than somewhere in Februari. If you look here you'll find more users and solutions to solve this problem


                  http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/winservergen/thread/c3049278-98de- 4490-81b0-069cb9b511ea?prof=required

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                    Hi Pritish , I'm from Brazil  , my name is Mateus.

                    In my company we have the same problem , and here in Brazil we can't contact McAfee's personal.

                    Can I send you my e-mail and you send me the fix to this McAfee's problem ?




                    Thank you now , sorry for the inconvenience.

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                      I have read your post.


                      Please be informed that McAfee has released the new upgraded v5.2.1 of the McAfee SaaS endpoint protection.


                      This version completely resolves the issues like Roaming Profile that were occuring due to the McAfee Virus Scan software.


                      This new version is being rolled out region wise. If you want the upgrade immediately then please uninstall and reinstall the software.


                      If you have more than 1 license then please wait for the automatic roll-out that is currently occuring region wise. This will completely fix the issues.




                      Pritish P.

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                        Hi. I applied the 5.2.1 patch and it did not fix the romaing profile errors.


                        I have now resorted to editing the registry to attempt a fix as the file locking is ongoing. Editing the registry can seriously mess up your computer so I reccomend you leave it alone unless you are comfortable with registry editing.


                        This is what I have done:


                        Disable the cookie scanning from the registry : HK_Local_machine\software\Mcafee\SystemCore\VSCore\On Acess Scanner\Mchield\Configuration . The Dword is “ScanCookies” , the default value is “ 1” , change it to “0”


                        I'm of the opinion that treating any cookies as malware is a bit pointless anyway. I'm sure your users are more worried about destructive malicious software than they are about a few cookies.


                        This still needs to be fixed and with our 32 seat renewal coming up this year I am seriuosly conisdering moving to a compettitor after this episode.


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                          We have 150 users connecting to a Windows 2008 terminal services farm (consisting of 5 nodes/servers) on a daily basis. Approximately 50% of the users on the farm are experincing this issue and it seems to be increasing daily. This is causing us endless problems. When a user logs off the farm their user profiles isnt sync'd to the roaming user profile path/share. This mean the next time that user logs onto the farm, he/she is likely to be to a different node/server, any customiazation (ie: printer settings, MS office settings, recent documents, browser history, etc etc) are all lost.


                          We have uninstalled McAfee SaaS and reinstalled with the latest build (v. but this has not resolved the problem. We cannot even apply the reg fix manually, when browsing to HKLM\SOFTWARE\mcafee\VSCORE we get the following error:





                          Error Opening Key
                          VSCORE cannot be opened.

                          AN error is preventing this key from being opened.

                          Details: The system cannot find the file specified.





                          As footix2 has already pointed out... our 200 seat subscription is also due for renewal. Unless McAfee produce a REAL fix for this very soon we will be moving to a different AV vendor.


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