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    Redirect websites using WebGateway 6.8.7


      Can anyone provide an example on how to do a redirect in WebGateway 6.8.7.  Just for an example say when users type to go to google.com they are redirected to yahoo.com.  I assume this would be a custom action, and I have tried the "Redirect URL" action and mapped it to a custom url list but it does not see to redirect.  I am sure there is something I am missing but have not found a good example to use.

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          This should work.

          I just tried the same: Created a custom action, create a new user defined category and add google.com to the extended list. The assign the new custom action to that category on the Category Actions tab. It works.

          A problem might be the main "web action" that you select for the custom action.

          Ensure that this is set to "Block"; then the Redirect URL will be used instead of the normal block page.

          But if you keep the "web action" on pass for this custom action, the event is just allowed and the redirect URL cannot be applied.


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