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    DLP Policy


      May I have some suggestions on how to block certain outgoing email messages?   


      I want to block them based on an certain destination email domain.




      Based on the knowledge I have (from several years ago),m this would be an Envelope rule.


      But I see that there are "DLP" (data loss prevention) notifications available in this version of Ironmail (6.7.2).

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          DLP notifications only work if the box is connected to a DLP device such as the Mcafee Reconnex DLP.



          To block outbound messages to a certain domain via envelope analysis:


          1. Compliance -> Manage rules -> Add New

               Monitored Field : Recipient

                               Type: Domain

                               Data: <domain>

                            Action: Drop/Quarantine

              Quarantine Type: < the queue you want to quarantine messages to like "content analysis">

                   Action Value: if quarantining then set it to 0


          2. Compliance -> Apply Rules -> Add New (if you already have an outbound rule then you dont need to add a new one)

          Apply to: Global

          Directon: Outbound
          Check the enable box for the rule you just created and then click submit.



          That should take care of it.

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            Thanks for the clarification on the DLP feature.   We may implement another vendor's DLP later this year, but we don't have McAfee's solution.



            I will try your suggestion on blocking the outbound message.