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    Open Verification Requests


      I am tryin g to do something and you aks me to do this, well i dont know how to acftauly do it ona flash wesbiyte ran by moonfruit

      i get this message, where is my root directory? i use thsi thing called moonfruit and its flash based, so where do i put these links and foles , and where is the file!

      Open Verification Requests


      To prove you are authorized to represent a site,  we ask you to place a specially named,  blank file in your root Web directory.   Once this file is created, click the "Verify" button  to have our servers look for the file on your site.   Please be sure that both your site and the verification  file are publicly accessible.


      Domain Name:tsrs.org.uk
      File Path:http://tsrs.org.uk/tsrs.org.uk1ff476cb664aa97926cd9a3ae2f001013c5bdd8d.html


      chesrs jake