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    System tool virus

      I'm seeing some posts on the above virus.  It just invaded my pc through Publisher's Clearinghouse website, I believe.  I can still access my pc through another user.  Does the best fix seem to be using the antivirus software from bleepingcomputer.com?  Is it free?  what is better removing the virus or restoring the computer?

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          Hi Buckeyerich,

          Can you access the internet from the computer with System tool?

          Also: type run > msconfig > startup,

          And see if you can find System Tool there, and disable it from launching upon computer start up.

          Good luck.

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            I'll give it a shot after work and let you know.  Thanks for the quick response.

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              I await you're next reply

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                After trying to remove the System tool virus with all of McAfee's free software supposed solutions, i.e., Stinger 10101371, Auroa-stinger, McAfee scan and the virtual technician (wouldn't run), I finally used Window's "System Restore," which worked.  Let me know if you don't think that's a valid solution.


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                  A perfectly good solution, often overlooked. But it doesn't remove the files that got downloaded, only resets the system to a point before they appeared. You could still be in trouble if one of these files gets activated, so running Malwarebytes and CCleaner afterwards is always a good idea.

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                    The only method that worked for me was to follow the advice posted on bleepingcomputer.com  I downloaded the free software followed the instructions and I'm virus free.

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                      i got this virus on my netbook last night. i stupidly paid for it though, have contacted my bank, very slim chance i will get my money back but thats the least of my worries. i tried following bleepingcomputers guide to remove it, but my tmobile wireless dongle wont work when im in safe mode. so, i stayed in safe mode, did a system restore to an earlier date, all the system tool options and stuff had disappeared when i went back to normal mode so i downloaded malware bytes and did a full scan, it found nothing. then i did a full mcafee anti virus scan and it found nothing. my netbook appears to be back to normal, before i did the restore in safe mode it wouldnt let me click on the restore option in normal mode.  think its ok now, but im still unsure. im rubbish with computers, my husband dealt with all of it before but we split on boxing day. feeling very stressed and like an idiot for falling for it. any advice on if its gone or not? anything else i should do? it would be much appreciated.

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                        My daughters laptop was infected on Sunday, I spent all of yesterday solving this problem.

                        McAfee Internet Security Suite was in my opinion absolutely useless and that is an uptodate paid for by subscription legit copy.

                        I cleared the virus without the assistance of McAfee.

                        When I contacted McAfee I held an online chat and when the person could not really answer as to why this virus has been known about since November 2010, I sent a link as proof from a blog as to how to remove it, the McAfee contact wished me a 'Good Day' and terminated the session.

                        He did however send me 2 emails but from a different named person.

                        Here is an extract of one of them on how to 'pass the buck' and blame the person and not the software.


                        I understand that your computer is infected with a virus.

                        There are many possible reasons why you aquired a virus even though you have a valid subscription. To name a few, they are,

                        1.Outdated data (DAT) files.

                        2. Visiting infected website/webpage.

                        3.Use of pirated or unregistered software.

                        4.Transfer of infected data from flashdrives or universal Serial Bus (USB)


                        Please understand that any security software McAfee or Non McAfee, does not guarentee that all viruses or any form of security threat that becomes available online will be detected and treated. The reason for that is different security software providers recieves different kinds of updates.

                        Other security providers may be the first to receive an update regarding a latest threat of the day, however, that does not mean that McAfee is not working at all or will not detect that in the future.


                        Let's analyse the above shall we.

                        1. Fully updated automatically every time the PC is switched on. So not out of date data.

                        2. What's the point of having a security suite that can not block/detect this threat before the page loads?

                        3. Fully legit version of all software on PC and all registered.

                        4. No use of flash drives. (but a valid answer).


                        With regards to the next paragraph, well considering the threat has been known about by other Symantics and has been published in computer magazines and on various blogs, one would have thought that McAfee would be uptodate by now to detect the problem/virus.

                        I am trying to work out in my mind as to how different providers get different threat updates. Does one get told it is virus X and another get told 'No virus X is really virus Y?'

                        I can understand that different providers may initially be informed of the threat before others but a threat that is known to be over 4 months old?


                        How is it that a free antivirus software VGA (anagram) can detect this threat but a paid for one cannot?


                        Then as a final insult I was sent an email explaining that I could pay for them to remove the threat for me.

                        Hang on my daughter has already paid and does so by subscription every month.

                        So does that mean they want more money for something they are holding back from subscribers?


                        needless to say my daughter will not be renewing her subscription when it falls due at the end of April and has today sent an email to McAfee to tell them so, she has also instructed her bank not to pay the direct debit from end of April, last payment will be end March for April's subscription.


                        For anyone interested do a search using a well known search engine for SYSTEM TOOL 2011.

                        I would post the URL but I think it would be removed.


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                          Vinod R

                          If someone is still infected with this smart little Fake AV ( that kills all known Antivirus applications)


                          Please follow these steps and let me know if it worked.


                          Restart the affected machine to safe mode with networking  and then right click on the M icon (near

                          system clock)and select update


                          once updates install ( if it does)--


                          right click and perform a full scan and allow the machine to finish it.. Restart the computer and let us know the status of the machine.


                          Note : In safe mode McAfee will state not protected that's normal and di-regard its safe

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