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    HP E-Print rejecting mail from Ironmail



      A client within our company is trying to send an email to an HP web-enabled printer while working at home.

      This is a feature of newer HP printers.  HP provides an email gateway and a custom address for each registered printer.

      The problem I am encountering is that a "test mail" command to the HP E-PRINT SMTP gateway is failing with the error: 5.7.1 Command rejected.

      Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this issue?   I have not yet found the proper HP support channel for "postmaster" support.  
      There is a mention of this error within the HP user self-support forums but no real solutions.   One person had success by deleting/removing the SPF record (not Ironmail specific).

      Sample test command:


      [McAfee]:  test mail ouruser@ourdomain.com  abc123456@hpeprint.com   [this is concealed for posting]
      01182011 09:14:29:Reply: '220 hpeprint.com ESMTP Postfix'
      01182011 09:14:29:Reply: '250 hpeprint.com'
      01182011 09:14:29:Sending: MAIL FROM:<ouruser@ourdomain.com>
      01182011 09:14:29:Reply: '250 2.1.0 Ok'
      01182011 09:14:29:Sending: RCPT TO:<abc123456@hpeprint.com>
      01182011 09:14:29:Reply: '250 2.1.5 Ok'
      01182011 09:14:29:Sending: DATA
      01182011 09:14:29:Reply: '354 End data with <CR><LF>.<CR><LF>'
      01182011 09:14:29:Reply: '550 5.7.1 Command rejected'
      01182011 09:14:29:Sending: RSET
      01182011 09:14:30:Reply: '250 2.0.0 Ok'
      Failed: e-mail transaction is incomplete. (550, '5.7.1 Command rejected')
      01182011 09:14:30:Sending: QUIT
      01182011 09:14:30:Reply: '221 2.0.0 Bye'

      [McAfee]: test dns mx hpeprint.com
      preference = 10, mail exchanger = email-lb-cpg.austin.hp.com
      [McAfee]: test dns forward email-lb-cpg.austin.hp.com