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    Socks Proxy



      there is a implementation of Dante Socks Proxy on MWG7 and a few questions came up:


      - is the KB Article KB64595 (WW 6.x How to enable socks proxy) also valid for the MWG7 implementation?

      - it there a way to achive redundancy? (setting the INTERNAL address to the VRRP for example) What is the internal address anyway in a redundant config?

      - is there a plan to include the latest Dante release at some point? (on MWG7, there is 1.1.19 from 2006, while the latest version is 1.2.2 from Sept 2010...)


      Any other things to think about when using this socks implementation?




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          Sali Roman,


          this is pretty much true!

          However, you can configure the socks from the UI now. Configuration > File Editor.

          Enabling and starting the service has to be done on the command line still.


          Checking the newer version, we could incorporate them of course, however, they don't add much desireable new features, but bug fixes of course. Do you have a customer requiring a particular fix?

          I think there is not real way of achieving redundancy other as with an external loadbalancer.



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            Hallo Michael


            Thanks for the info.


            Obviously, it's possible to declare an interface name instead of an ip address as the internal interface. I wonder if this leads to redundancy automatically when a user uses the vrrp address as proxy (which should be handled by the active interface).

            I'll give it a try....