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    FakeAlertAVSoft removal..

      Have been going round and round wirh this annoying bugger..Virus software is updated and I removed the virus once (in safe mode) but it was located in my system restore files. It reloaded when i jumped out of safe mode...But I cant disable the system restore in safemode..apprently Mcfee cant detect this thing while it sits here and screws up my computer...Stinger found it a deleted in safe mode but not in regular os system mode...Takes Mcafee 8 hours to scan my system..Ridiculous..Any help would be appreciated here...thanks!

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          Hi Solitude86,

          Have you tried downloading Malwarebytes (from www.malwarebytes.org) and running it in normal mode?

          If it works mark this as the answer, thanks.

          If not post back and I'll try to help.

          Good Luck!

          Edit: Do not preform a full scan, as a quick scan is most likely needed in this situation and takes less time.



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            I had seen that online, but havent tried it yet..McAfee call this a "low threat"...Will be trying your recommnedations this evening if this last attempt doesnt work..Also will be looking at other antivirus software as well...

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              I don't personally work for McAfee, I do it for, fun I suppose you could call it.

              But I am only saying this,

              Most Anti Viruses miss these types of infections such as "Fake Anti Viruses" because when they get into you're system, they manipulate the Anti Virus (McAfee in this case) And manipulate the scanner to miss it in every scan.

              Which is why Malwarebytes should usually be used as a backup if you're system is infected.

              No AV works 100%.

              Good luck, post back the results!

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                Like I said, Stinger found it and deleted it in "Safe Mode", but it was hiding ion the "restore files" and reloaded when i rebooted..they instruct you to turn this off before scanning. Cant do this in safe mode and the virus blocks you in regular mode...Just ramped up stinger to high setting and will see what happens, but i am downloading the Malwarebytes now..

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                  Malwarebytes should clean this seeing as it is a fake AV.

                  If it doesn't, I would like you to give the file to them (only if it doesn't find it) so they can put it in their definitions, and then it will be found.

                  Good Luck!

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                    We shall see..running Malwarbytes now...

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                      I used the Malwarebytes program and in 10 minutes it found and deleted the virus....something McAfee and Stinger couldnt do...Hey McAfee you might want to pay attention here....Thank you Malwarebytes!!!

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                        Hi Solitude86,

                        Glad you're problem got sorted out.

                        You might want to consider buying Malwarebytes (real time protection, blocks malicious ips), as it is only $25 for life.

                        Good Luck and stay safe!

                        Disclaimer: Malwarebytes is not an Anti Virus, and should be used with the corresponding one that you have.

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                          Just took this one off my sons computer. Used Avira them Malware together.

                          I agree with previous poster

                          McAfee pay attention! What are we paying you for if we have to use freeware to protect our systems?

                          Fellow posters:

                          Check your Internet setings!!!!

                          This last atack changed a bunch of them in security! We noticed them when his computer kept trying to log in to a proxy.

                          I was using an uninfected computer to reset them, but it got tedious so I went to default settings and then retweeked to my original preferences.

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