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    ePolicy Orchestrator - Update Master Repository

      Hi, a have a problema with Master Repository. Why my version of DAT's file is different of latest available ?






      I tried to test my credentials to update and i got the message "Credentials are incorrect". Why this happens if the user is anonymous ?







      Sorry for my english and thanks  !

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          What is the error message are you getting when you are trying to run Pull task (please try with Pull now) and select only DAT pacakge?

          Are you getting message like 'failed to download sitestat.xml file'? Please detailed about the message.


          If you are using any proxy to get connected to internet then make sure that you have entered the proxy details into the ePO server (Menu=>Configuration=>server setttings=Proxy Settings).


          Are you able to access the McAfee source site (http://update.nai.com/products/commonupdater/)? If yes then please copy sitestat.xml file from there and paste to ePO directories \Program files\McAfee\ePO\DB\Softwarre after renaming the existing sitestat.xml file.


          If this is not helping then I will suggest you to set ePO Application server service to run with Domain admin account rather than System account.

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            I configured free access to ip and its all ports in firewall and there is no proxy configured. I can access the update.nai.com from server, but there is a problem with credentials.




            The config from file sitestat.xml is like that:


            <SiteStatus Status="Enabled" CatalogVersion="20100726033109"/>



            Anyone saw this problem before ?



            Thanks and  sorry for the english.

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              There is more information.


              The file sitemgr.xml is like that.  there is a way to reset this password for anonymous ?



              <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


              <ns:SiteLists xmlns:ns="naSiteList" LocalVersion="20030131002737" Type="Server" GlobalVersion="20110125182014">
                  <SiteList Default="1" Name="Default">
                      <ProxyConfigList UseIEConfig="0"/>
                      <SpipeSite ID="{37B774A2-1EE6-4169-8AB2-0F8E2B8D5833}" Enabled="1" Type="master" Name="ePO_METANO" Server="metano.compagas.local:8090" ServerName="METANO:8090" ServerIP="">
                      <FTPSite Name="McAfeeFtp" ID="McAfeeFtp" Server="ftp.nai.com:21" Enabled="1" Type="fallback">
                          <Password Encrypted="1">MQCBNesmh4xsoov8E4KA/i9ukpwRoD3RDId9bU+InCJ/abAFPM9B3Q==</Passwor d>
                      <HttpSite Name="McAfeeHttp" ID="McAfeeHttp" Server="update.nai.com:80" Enabled="1" Type="mirror">
                          <Password Encrypted="1">f2mwBTzPQdtnY6QNOsVexH9psAU8z0HbZ2OkDTrFXsR/abAFPM9B3Q==</Passwor d>

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                These are configured on the Software / Source Sites page in ePO  - you can enter your credentials there. I should point out though that the McAfee download sites don't require a password.


                HTH -



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                  Unfortunately there is no way to reset the password for Anonymous user.


                  In this case, I will suggest you to create new http Source site with same as default URL (update.nai.com/product/Common Updater) and try to pull the DAT from newly created http Source URL.