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    McAfee Virtual Technician can not find my mcafee product .

      I have a couple of questions anbot McAfee Virtual technician .

      I can install mcafee virtual technician and it updates fine , but on running it,

      it scans my pc and then the results say that mcafee virtual technician can not find any

      mcafee product on my pc . I have uninstalled MVT and reinstalled it several times, with the same

      pc  scan results.

      I have also called mcafee phone support and the tech was able to remote access my pc, and after poking around on my pc for over an hour,

      was not able to correct the problem or find out why either.


      My questions are,

      Will mcafee virtual techinican work on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit system ? 


      Is their a 64 bit  specific download of mcafee virtual techinican to Windows 7 64 bit ? If so where can I locate it for install ?.


      My PC OS is Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit

      Browser is Internet Explorer 8 ( default settings)

      all windows updates current

      McAfee Internet Security 2010 ( current version )

      No other security software installed on my pc .

      I have uninstalled & re installed my mcafee internet security & MVT twice,

      using the mcafee removal and cleaup tool .

      I also have uninstalled windows 7 once and formated my disk, and reinstall a clean

      OS of windows 7 Pro 64 Bit , and even on a clean install have reinstalled mcafee internet security ,

      when installing mcafee virtual techinican ......it failed to find my mcafee product.

      Any Help or advice ?


      Thank you .