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    Can I define a mail server




      I'm trying to use a new wireless connection, ISP #2


      ISP #1 is a half meg ADSL service...too far from the CO for anything faster, and I have no cable service on the street we are on.


      I'm having problems with mail server settings. Neither ISP #1 or #2 allow the use of an alternate mail server.


      Neither of these solutions is going to be bullet proof, so I will need to use the failover.


      When the SG560 loses one connection, and switches to the next, our mail stops sending. The clients, Eudora, are set with smtp.isp1.ca or smtp.isp2.ca


      I'm in way over my head right now. Other than move the business to a location that is better served, I'm stuck.


      Is there some way to have the SG560 send the mail to whichever server is associated with the connection that is up?


      Or...since the DSL is mostly up, but slow, can I leave both connections as primary, and use the dsl for mail only?