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    EEPC 6 and CHKDSK /R


      Hi guys


      I am hoping someone can give me advice on running the CHKDSK /R.  I have tried endlessly to get a script to run and log the CHKDSK results to a central location.  I have tried using psexec and logon scripts but nothing works if it is running on the boot partition.  it always wants to reschedule and then you cannot get a centralized log file.  This is a requirment to deploying EEPC 6 as bad sectors can cause you problems.  has anyone else tried to do something similar?  Or does someone perhaps know if the EEPC deployment does a check prior to installing?


      You must imagine that doing this manually on every PC or laptop we deploy EEPC to is quite a task and takes centralized deployment back to a bit of a manual process due to a pre-requisit check.


      Thanks for any assistance.



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          Thank you, that was very helpful and sorted out my problem.

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            So is it the general consensus that the chkdks /r that is recommended in the EEPC 6.0 Patch 2 Best Practice Guide be skipped? I would just like to know what other people are doing with this. In our testing I found 2 drives out of the ~150 had bad sectors on them. We are collecting the SMART information via SCCM on our machines but I am just not sure about the reliability of that data.

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              I made a couple of posts re SMART and encryption a while ago, plus some tools to toy with the data.




              maybe interesting to you?

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                Thanks Simon for the response and the link. I guess my only major concern is that McAfee's "official" documentation from the Release Notes for Endpoint Encryption for PC v6.0 Patch 2 states:


                Before installing EEPC v6.0 Patch 2

                Make sure that you read this section completely and take the following precautions before installing EEPC v6.0 Patch 2 on the client.

                Hard disk hardware failure during Encryption

                We recommend running a CHKDSK/r prior to installing EEPC to ensure the hard disk is in a healthy state. If the Hard Dsk is damaged or has a high number of undiscovered bad sectors, the disk could fail during the full disk encryption process.




                If this is the "official" recommendation why deviate from it? or Why have this listed in the documentation if it does not matter? Also if I just install EEPC on the machine without doing the chkdsk /r and the HDD fails during encryption, it makes it seem as though the McAfee software is what "killed" the HDD. I know this is not the case but it may appear that way to the end-users.


                Again thanks for your insight and responses.


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