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McAfee Secure sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams
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Hacker_Secure Newcomer 11 posts since
Dec 17, 2010
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Jan 17, 2011 5:11 AM

illegal Web Sites using -McAfee Tested Secure- Logo's for Profit



***I realize McAfee tests these sites,(this one may be clean by tests)but a hacker definitely owns this one above, and all these type of  web sites are in illegal operation.

This web site is using McAfee Logo -McAfee Secure-  in an illegal way. First off, I was browsing this site(wondering why these illegal sites exist so long), and I got phished, this web site got into my computer, changed settings, and then got into one of my paid gaming accounts

and stole everything to sell on his website.


These web sites don't even have a copyright and if they do, they are fake.

Also, these type of web sites are even using fake BBB -Better Business Bureau Logo's!


Do a Google Search: buymmoaccounts, sellmmoaccounts, buywowaccounts, sellwowaccounts. Investigate these web sites yourself and you will realize quickly that these sites are in violation of: rightful-owner copyright-infringement-gaming-violations, along with many other unlawful violations. Furthermore, these type of web sites are making millions in illegal money,  -tax free I might add!

An Internet Crime Organization needs to take these sites down and put these owner's in prison!

McAfee you need to get your logo down from these type sites, they are just using you in an illegal way for illegal hacking profit.



on 1/17/11 5:29:42 AM EST



on 1/17/11 5:32:33 AM EST



on 1/17/11 5:47:43 AM EST



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  • ConorD62 Champion 586 posts since
    Apr 9, 2010

    Pretty sure they could sue for some sort of illegal thing,


    But I think all of these sites should be rated red immediately by SiteAdvisor in-case anyone clicks on it..


    Also: I'm not sure about sue-ing, seeing as they are probably behind a proxy server redirecting to Japan..

    If you need any help, please send me a message, the same goes for any malware questions.
  • Hayton Volunteer Moderator 4,599 posts since
    Sep 27, 2010

    I've had a look at this site and looked for any obvious reasons why the McAfee Secure approval should not apply to it. It's up to McAfee to decide whether to withdraw the rating, but they would need good reason to do so.


    First, see here for the current certification for this site. It states that has passed McAfee's tests for phishing and that it "meets payment card industry guidelines for remote web server vulnerability testing to help protect your personal information from hackers".


    (As a test, I tried to lift the McAfee Secure logo from the webpage by right-clicking it. This operation was blocked by the webpage, as it should have been.)


    If you wish to report unauthorized use of the McAfee SECURE trustmark you can do it here. This page also contains the following disclaimer :

    McAfee SECURE does not mean hacker proof. McAfee SECURE certification cannot and does not protect any of your data that may be shared with other servers that are not certified McAfee SECURE


    You imply that this site is displaying a fake Better Business Bureau logo. If it is, I don't see it anywhere in the website. If the site does not display a BBB logo, fake or otherwise, I think that particular comment is irrelevant and should not have been included in your post.


    This website's SiteAdvisor page contains just one (negative) review comment, dating from 2009. If a website has many dissatisfied customers then that is usually reflected in the numbers of critical or hostile reviews. WOT and Norton SafeWeb both rate the site itself as safe. Norton has no reviews for it, WOT has a small number of hostile comments.


    If you Google for the terms " safe" or " legit" Google will return about 17000 and 5000 pages respectively. In those pages there are some allegations of irregularities and/or illegal practices related to this site, but there is no overwhelming consensus that the site or its owners are anything other than legitimate.


    If you believe that this site has been responsible for malpractice related to your account, then your first and main approach for redress should be to the site owners through the Contact Us page on their website. There is no address given there, but it lists phone and fax numbers and an email address. I note that the Live Chat service was unavailable at 13:00GMT, but that would be before 09:00 in Calgary so I reserve judgement on that.

    Before you contact them I suggest you read the company's Privacy Policy and Legitimacy and Security Statement as well as its Account Security Guarantee.


    If an approach to the website operators fails to provide redress or leaves you dissatisfied then an approach to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce might yield results, or at least provide you with suggestions for what to do next.


    And if, after all this, you still feel strongly enough that this site's owners are breaking any Alberta or Canadian laws, you are at complete liberty to make a formal complaint to the local or national law-enforcement authorities.


    I don't think McAfee is in the business of carrying out investigations into the companies who own the websites that they monitor and rate through SiteAdvisor, and neither am I. And these forums are not the place for allegations and assertions about particular websites : the place for that is on the SiteAdvisor page of the website against which you have a grievance.


    I think I've covered the main points of your post. If you feel the need to elaborate your grievance, or you would like me to carry out some in-depth investigation into the site owners, then I fear that I am about to remember a prior appointment in Samarkand.

    Volunteer Moderator  Leeds, UK
    No PM's please
  • ConorD62 Champion 586 posts since
    Apr 9, 2010

    Although I suppose, the site is McAfee secure, which it is by SiteAdvisor,

    Yes it is a hacker, but for it to not be McAfee Secure, it would have to not pass the SiteAdvisor test..

    Which it does..

    My 00.2 cents.

    If you need any help, please send me a message, the same goes for any malware questions.
  • SPyron Community Administrator 1,210 posts since
    Dec 10, 2007

    Hey Hacker_Secure,


       Here's a link where you can file a dispute for this site and we'll queue it for reevaluation:


       You can also contact support and submit the dispute there as well.

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