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    Help with Pop-up

      Every time I turn on my computer I get a window popping open from McAfee announcing that it is scanning my computer.  Please help me shut this off. I don't want to have to tend this window everytime I bring up my system.  I want McAfee to do it's work, but I'm not interested in all the attention I have to give it.  Maggie

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          Peter M

          If you don't want a scan you can turn it off, but first I need to know what version you have.


          2009 - square taskbar icon


          2010/11 - shield-shaped icon



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            Yes, I WANT it to do the scan......I just don't feel I need to know every little thing it is doing.....I just want it to quietly do it's work in the background so I don't have to acknowledge it all the time.    I have the shield-shaped icon, by the way.  It's not always been like this.....I wasn't faced with it's little pop-open box every day - only in the past 3 months or so.  I liked it the old way where it just worked quietly!  Thanks for your help.

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              Peter M

              OK moved this to the appropriate spot.


              Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter


              Click Scheduled Scanning and turn it off and click Apply.


              (I suggest manual scanning is best).



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