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    Update problems since Christmas

      Over the Christmas period my hard drive failed and I had to have it replaced.
      This necessitated the re-installing of my Mcafee Security Centre which I initially purchased
      through Dell when I bought the computer. I have renewed it every year since on the 28th May.
      I am on windows Vista.
      Since I have re-installed MSC I have had problems. Every day sometimes, twice a day I get a message to say there are Mcafee updates that have been down loaded and my computer need to be re started. I became suspicious about this as normal updates don't need to have the computer re-started.
      What I found was that the MSC was checking for updates, down loading them which could be seen from the percentage reading that is shown in MSC as it downloads. But when it is supposed to be installing the percentage indicator does not alter from the 0%, but it still says it has installed it and the computer needs restarting. Some days almost immediately after this operation I get messages to say I need to restart again as there have been updates down loaded.
      Yesterday I went on line and chatted to a technician. I was asked to down load a patch and run it. This did not solve the problem so I was asked to remove the MSC and then run MCPR.exe to totally remove any Mcafee product. I then re-installed MSC via my account with Mcafee. Unfortunately twice today I have had pop ups stating my computer needs to be restarted after updates. Clearly this problem has not been solved
      I again contacted Mcafee and one of their level two Technicians spent 5 yes 5 hours connected to my computer trying to get it to install the updates. No he didn't fix it.
      Saturday 16/1/11 again Mcafee got in touch and spent another hour connected and still failed to solve the problem. I understand it has been sent to their level two research team.
      Anyone else suffering like this I can't be sure my computer is protected.
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