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      I can not get rid of CASONLINE.  It comes up as a possible threat and Macafee can't quarantine it. Its not listed in the Threat Library.

      Its been around since 2005 so I think its about time a Macafee tool is developed to remove it. Has anyone out there got any suggestions on how to remove it.

      I would be truly grateful.  Cheers Gigabyte

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          Hi gigabyte,

          I suggest that you should download Malwarebytes from www.malwarebytes.org

          It should remove it, seeing as CASonline is classed as Adware.

          If this is the right answer, mark it as correct, please, if not come back and I'll try to help.

          Thanks, and good luck!

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            Peter M

            Yesterdays update was revised for that particular infection according to this: http://vil.nai.com/vil/content/v_133282.htm perhaps because of a new variant.


            Try disabling System Restore, boot to Safe Mode (tap F8 repeatedly while booting up) go to Computer (Vista/Windows 7) or My Computer (XP), right-click the drive and select Scan.  An extra taskbar icon near the clock will give a progress report if you hover over it.



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              Thanks for your suggestion  but I have already run Malwarebytes and Superantispyware and they don't detect Casonline.

              I was wondering if I can go into the system and using dos conmand delete, actually deleting it that way.

              What do you think?

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                I will try your suggestion,  I have played around with safe mode a couple of times, when the system was unstable. I am wondering if I can go into dos mode and simply delete it using the delete command??

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                  Peter M

                  Not sure about that but you could try a scan with both McAfee and Malwarebytes in safe mode, they both work OK in that mode.  Update them beforehand though.